What Is Ethereum BSC ($ETHBSC)?
Ethereum BSC is a green BEP-20 rendition of Ethereum tailored for the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Capturing the essence of Ethereum's early stages, $ETHBSC offers a unique staking mechanism. By staking your $ETHBSC, you can earn rewards periodically, all while leveraging the BSC's efficient and environmentally-friendly infrastructure.
What Is The Goal Of Ethereum BSC?
Ethereum BSC aims to provide an opportunity for those who either missed Ethereum's initial offerings or lack the expertise to mine it. With Ethereum BSC, we are democratizing access: offering a presale for ETHBSC and introducing a simplified "mining" process through staking.
Why Launch On BNB Smart Chain?
BNB Smart Chain, backed by the largest exchange in the world Binance, has a huge network and passionate community support. We intend to serve this community with a new token that brings value to their daily lives.
When Will ETHBSC Launch?
We plan to launch Ethereum BSC on a decentralized exchange on BSC within several weeks following the commencement of the presale, the exact timing will hinge on how swiftly the presale concludes.
Where Can I Claim My Presale Tokens?
You’ll be able to claim your tokens as soon as possible after the presale ends, from the Ethereum BSC website. Token claiming and listing will likely be on the same day and time. You will also be able to stake your tokens before the listing date, to ensure an early staking position.